Laminate Floor Installation Cypress & Houston

Laminate Floor Installation Cypress HoustonLaminate flooring is one of our most popular flooring installation options at Texas Floors. That’s because it’s durable, low maintenance, easy on the budget, and looks great. It comes in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and textures.

Selecting your Laminate flooring is just the start

Texas Floors not only offers expert assistance in choosing the right lamiante floor for your specific needs, but we’re also with you all the way through expert installation. That’s because we perform all flooring work in-house.

Successful installation begins with expert preparation

Moisture matters when installing laminate on concrete. We take the time to test for hydrostatic pressure before installation begins. Laminate is a smooth surface. That’s why we take time to correct depressions, creating a smooth subfloor upon which we can install your laminate flooring. We also check to ensure doors have proper clearance, remove molding, and thoroughly clean the area. We then follow precise manufacturer installation specifications to ensure you benefit from their warranty. Finally, we clean up when done, so the only thing we leave behind is your floor, perfectly installed.